Michael Antonia of YEAH! Rentals came to me with a design concept for tables and stools he wanted for his event rental company.  We worked together to find the perfect wood and colors and are both stoked about the outcome.  Here are a few of the pieces I made...

YEAH! Rentals Coffee Table
YEAH! Rentals Table + Stools

YEAH! Rentals Table + Stools

All of these pieces can be rented through YEAH! Rentals and will make your next event way radder!

All images via YEAH! Rentals | Bottom photo via the YEAH! Rentals Instagram.

Alligator Juniper "L" Coffee Table

Most of the work on this table you"ll never see. I used 3/4" all thread to us as clamps during gluing and I left them in for overall support. I then filled in the channels with clear epoxy.

Alligator Juniper Dining Table

Alligator juniper log ready to cut

It's a beauty!

Steel powder coated frame

Hand rubbed polyurethane finish

Morrison Hair

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of working on a really rad project with Laure Joliet and Morgan Satterfield.  Morrison Hair in Laguna Beach is a new salon from Rachel and James Morrison, designed by Morgan and Laure.  They commissioned a wood slab dry bar from me and a couple of other pieces in the salon.  Below are images by Laure of my wood slab bar and the brass inserts I made for the hair dressers' work stations.



Thank you to Morgan and Laure for including me on this project... I can't wait to work on future design projects with these two!

Alligator Juniper Wood Slab Table

This is the largest Alligator juniper slab I've seen. These trees grow very slow due to lack of water in the high desert region. I was told that this tree is approximately 1500 years old.  Dimensions are 78" long and tapering from 52" to 38" wide. After fabricating the table base I let it oxidize then partially sanded the oxidation off and applied a clear coat to give it a re-purposed industrial look. This has been my favorite hard wood to work with so you will see many of my projects crafted out of it.

Album Crates

These crates were made to hold our records.  I made them from pallet wood and welded the metal frames, each with a different face design:

Rustic/Western Table

This table is made of reclaimed barn siding and inlaid with turquoise chips.


I created these hair pin legs from rolled steel:

and these curtain rod hangers using aluminum:

work in progress

These are alligator juniper slabs and the one on the left is soon to be a bar top. 

here's what it looked like mid-sand:

bathroom vanity

This is a bathroom vanity I built with slab wood + metal tubing.  The wood is a Blue Stripe Pine with a finish of Tung Oil/varnish.  This finish leaves the wood with a natural feel while also protecting the wood from water vapor.  Here is what it looked like before the sink and plumbing were installed:

Here is the final product: